Lori Garcia


Operations Manager


Lori Garcia is a seasoned professional in the fitness industry, boasting over 12 years of dedicated service. With a dynamic career trajectory that encompasses various roles, she currently excels as an Operations Manager, orchestrating the seamless functioning of fitness establishments

Lori's journey in fitness began in 2013 in Texas, where she honed her skills for 2 years. Her commitment to excellence led her to spend a decade contributing her expertise across multiple locations in Texas and Tennessee.

Beyond her professional achievements, Lori's athletic background illuminates her natural affinity for physical activity. From her early days as a versatile dancer, encompassing ballet, tumbling, jazz, and tap, to her tenure as a competitive gymnast and varsity cheerleader, Lori embodies the spirit of athleticism. Her passion for sports extended to the golf course, where she showcased her prowess as a member of the varsity team in high school, a passion she continues to nurture today.

Embodying the essence of a true athlete, Lori maintains a rigorous workout regimen, dedicating herself to fitness with six weekly sessions. Her profound love for the gym life transcends mere profession; it's a way of life that permeates every aspect of her being. She finds immense fulfillment in her role, relishing the opportunity to connect with people and foster a vibrant community within the gym environment